How to get here

By Car

There are four roads to get on top of Monte Bondone, very different one from each other. 
PAY ATTENTION! Most GPS suggests the most unconfortable trip as first solution! If you really want to be helped by technology, set "Sopramonte" as goal, and then go straight ahead for 12 more kilometers.

Strada Bondone
The quickest route (the one we strongly suggest) is the road which passes through Sopramonte. From Trento it takes approx. 25-30 minutes

The "smooth" one  is the road from Lakes valley. It's the longest trip, very smooth and ideal for those who suffers of car sickness. It's the most favourite of bikers. From Trento Sud it takes 45/50 minuti; from Rovereto Sud one hour.

The legendary Trento-Bondone is the most famous route. Every year in July this road turns into the track of the legendary Trento-Bondone car race, the eldest and longest time trial on uphill road in Italy: 17,5 km long, 42 hairpin turns and 1350 meters of elevation gain. The world record is 9’ 10” at 111 km/h! With your car, at more proper speed, it takes no more than 40/45 minutes.

The Magic one is the old road from Aldeno which passes through the town Garniga. It's very fascinating, but is also the most difficult route. Narrow and into-the-woods, it's usually closed in winter because of snow. For bravehearts and adventure lovers, from Rovereto Sud it takes up to 50/55 minutes.


In Treno

If you arrive in Italy by plane, you can get to Monte Bondone in less than two hours? We are one of the most accessible skiing areas in the Alps: Trento is served by the Frecciargento Line and by many more lines.
Especially in winter this is the best alternative solution to car: no traffic, no snow, no sweat. Moreover, it's green! 
To go from Trento to Vason, just take a taxi and/or a public bus to get here within one hour or less.
This is absolutely the best solution from the Verona airport, especially in winter

Bus / Public service

Click here for the public service timetable (Bus Line 202) from the Trento Bus Station (50 meters from the train station).