Monte Bondone is in a very unique positio, because everything is closer than they appear. We are one of the very few locations in Trentino on top of a mountain and not on the valley floor
. At the same time, we are the best place to reach Trento and the amazing valleys all around this wonderful territory.

Ski and snowboard are the most liked activities: from Hotel Montana you can walk to the top of the ski slopes in less than 3 minutes: no wait, no sweat. Moreover, the snowboard pard and the half pipe are just as close.

Eleven slopes starts from Cima Palon down the Northern side of the mountain, ideal for beginners and absolutely enjoyable for advanced. On the Western side, there is the Gran Pista Rocce Rosse, one of the most amazing ski slopes in Trentino, ideal for true ski lovers. You can find here the ski slopes map.

For the cross-country ski lovers, the renowed Viote zone is just 5 minutes by car from here: it's one oh the heighest and coolest zones in the Alps, surrounded by nature and wonderful peaks. 

We are very proud of our winter activity program, with snow rackets walks, bob-sleds on the skislopes, cross country ski introduction, skating and apreski, together with entertainment and miniclub activities. If you want more, we are in the ceter of Trentino: you can go everywhere (and we mean everywhere) you want in less than two hours. 



Ski Slopes - link - 

Within 5 km

Cross country slopes and ring - link
Snow rackets hiking at Viote
Bob and Sled area

Within 15 km

Lagolo Lake, usually frozen in winter
Cable car to Trento from Sardagna 

Within 20 km

Trento, roman and medioeval town - link
MUSE and Quartiere Albere, Trento - link
Buonconsiglio Castle, Trento - link
Civic Tower, Trento - link

Within 30 km

Drena Castle, Drena - link
Cavedine lake
Madruzzo Castle
Toblino Castle
Santa Massenza lake and hydroelectric central -