Barbieri Family

Since 1964, the history of Hotel Montana correspond with the history of the Barbieri family. 5 generations of hoteliers, 4 who directly managed Hotel Montana and 2 who are still working here every day. 
 La Famiglia Barbieri al completo

(from left to right: Alberto e Monica, Martina, Vittorio e Maria Luisa, Andrea e Alessandro)
Vittorio Barbieri, nicknamed Nino, has been one of the most important person in the hotellerie of Trentino. Grandson and son of hoteliers and born in Bologna, he started his career in Britain and Germany and then, for the first time as director, in Cortina and Trentino in the late Fifties. Most of all, Mr. Vittorio built Hotel Montana back in 1964. He has been a true pioneer of Monte Bondone, the very first hotel director who brought and shaped the style of hospitality that our guests loves so much.
Alberto, son of Nino and Maria Luisa Jaffei, is the general manager of Hotel Montana. He started his career in Monte Bondone when he was 16 and become the very first president of the Young Hoteliers Association when he was only 22. Since 1980 he works here with great passion and attention to details, especially in terms of hospitality and innovation. In 1986 he married Monica, born and raised in Trento, who definitively moved to Monte Bondone only in 2010 when their "kids become adults". Even if they chose other careers, also Alberto's brothers Alessandro and Andrea worked at Hotel Montana in the past: it's not uncommon to see them here, behind or in front of the bar.
The third generation of the hotel family is represented by Monica and Alberto's daughter and son. Martina moved back to Trentino after her education in France, Belgium and United States, and she works at Hotel Montana together with her dad and grandfather since 2010. Her younger brother Matteo works in the hotel too: you will find him behind the bar, ready to serve you your favourite cocktail. Shaken, not stirred, of course.


 Lo Staff dell'Hotel Montana     Il Signor Barbieri - 50 anni di storia