Montana Green - Our best practices

At Hotel Montana we know the difference between using and wasting resources. We want to respect the amazing environment we live into. We changed our habits, and we keep changing them to make our hotel as much sustainable as possible. These are our best practices: attention to details is the essence of a real four starred hotel.

1. No waste of food, period. In the kitchen and in the restaurant, we can't stand food wasting. We can play a huge role in this, because there a huge difference between a rich meal and a too-much-rich meal. For those who are super hungry, we refill our meals two or three times during service, so we don't ecagerate with the original portion.

2. We have the best tap water. Hotel Montana is build on top of a green mountain, and tap water here is way better than the bottled one. We decided to serve only bottled sparkling water, providing for free still water from tap. Less plastic, less pollution, same quality. 

3. Tungsten is for losers. LED is zeppelin. 
Our Family Suite are made in in green-building style, with sustainable materials which reduce by far the heat dispersion. Our saunas turns off automatically when the stones reach the correct temperature, holding the correct heat for hours. Moreover, our Junior Suite are lightened only by LED: each room needs only 80 W to be fully lightened. This means that two entire floors of the hotel at full whack uses the same energy as one single halogen light!

4. Be aware, take the train.
We are trying to encourage our Guests to take the train to come here: it's faster (in 2 hours you can reach Vason from Verona, in 3 hours from Firenze - Campo Di Marte), there is no fog and no traffic. Last but not least, there is less pollution. From 2015 we introduced the free transfer for all 7-nights-stay guests who book their stay directly through us, from and to Trento train station. We really believe in this project.

5. We are Montana, not Vegas.
In our penny arcade there is no videopoker, no slot machines, no gamble activities. They have been offered to us in change of money & business, and we always refused. We prefer playing with friends, and all our games soes into that direction. 

6. Better safe than sorry. Safety is our first priority, inside and outside the hotel. The Barbieri family has always worked for Monte Bondone beyond hotellerie, and we are certified in many ranges such as fire escape and first aid.