Boulder and Fitness

Technogym® Gym

The brand new fitness gym has been opened in the beginning of 2015. Equipped with the most updated tools by Technogym has two exercise bikes, two running machines, two lat machines, flat multipurpose bench and equipment for soft & postural gym.

It’s a space dedicated to wellness and fitness lovers, as well as who like just to stay fit. The Gym is inside the hotel building, but with an independent access to allows go/come for joggers. I't provided with its own facilities and dressing rooms.




Boulder Wall

Bouldering is a fascinating and rewarding climbing technique. It’s usually practiced on boulders or large natural concave surfaces with specific climbing routes with different grades of difficulty, called "problems", from easy to... extreme! Nevertheless Montana Gym provides an indoor wall where you can reproduce safely and with no equipment all the movements normally made on the rock.

It’s a climbing wall where you can ascend with no rope and protected by the risk of injuries by specific bouldering mats. Enjoy it if you are already a fan of climbing or break the ice if you like to test or learn, maybe with the help of the alpine guides connected with the Hotel. The climbing gym provides also other bouldering tools, among them the famous Pan Gullich for training fingers and shoulders.