Miniclub - Bubo's Wood

What’s more comfortable to have a roomy and furnished area , all dedicated to your children , directly inside the Hotel, with its own garden and safe outside playing field?

Bosco di Bubo “Bubo’s Wood” is our Baby Club, a funny and coloured for all children from age 3 to 12. It’ s furnished with indoor playing ground with fable castle, slides, swing, room for painting, coloring and creating, cinema area, sofas, soft poufs, book to read or to color and many other items including private restroom with reduced height bath furniture! Summertime, Bubo’s Wood is widened outside in the garden on a playground strictly forbidden to adults with many other games.

The little owl Bubo is obviously our mascotte, a Montana hero for everybody, even grown up , is likely to believe in tales. At high season time we ensure assistance and a dense calendar of activities, all thought for the little Guest: Nutella Party, walks in the wood looking for goblins, Pizza party, sledge downhill games at sunset time and many other funny games…