The Restaurant is located at the first floor of the main building, enlighted by the red sunset of the Dolomites Mountains through its huge windowsThe Restaurant is available for both Hotel Montana's guests and for public use by external guests. Our proposal includes food from the cuisine of our region Trentino, bearing in mind our bolognese roots and the rich dishes of Emilia.

We go for genuine and sincere cuisine, enhancing - when possible - the connection with local producers (for example we use Felicetti pasta produced in Trentino and high quality meat coming from local butcheries). We invite you to taste our homemade “strangolapreti” - sort of large green bread gnocchi flavoured with butter and sage -, tagliatelle with ragout à la bolonnaise, goulash meat soup, a slice of warm apple strudel, sweets and cakes, possibly during our weekly typical dinner. To meet the needs of many of our guests, we also offer vegetarian proposals and international cuisine dishes.

Since more than 10 years we take particular care of the celiac people. Montana restaurant has been one of the first in the area to offer a chance for a complete gluten-free menu, from first course to dessert (we are associated with AIC - Italian Celiac Association). 

We respect the environment and the mountains all around us. So in our restaurant we prefer to always serve fresh tap water for free: it has no less quality than the bottled one, but avoids unnecessary supplies and production of plastic waste. For the same reason we pay special attention not to waste food: we don’t exceed with the starting portions, always serving a refill for every course. Everybody can be satisfied, deal!

If you have any specific request, feel free to ask to our waiters: their readiness and cheerfulness creates a special atmosphere for which many of our guests remember the time in Restaurant as one of the most pleasant moment of their holidays at Hotel Montana.