The Auditorium

It’s one of largest and widely used environment of the Hotel.  It’s situated under the Reception Hall and Lounge and easily and smoothly reached both by specific stairs and lifts or via independent access also reachable for car/van delivering items.

The Auditorium is an ideal location as Convention Center for conference, business meeting, refresher courses,  awards ceremonies, exhibition of various products, public or private events as well as parties, music evenings or art performances.

The Auditorium is equipped with:

Easy and flat entrance for reduced mobility people or wheelchairs

Control room including up-to-date equipment managing input from
different multimedia sources directly by devices (microphone, CDs,
DVDs, USB players etc.) or by  laptop computer to audio system,
cinema projector, suitable for conferences, speeches, soft music
listening, home cinema screenings, dancing evenings  and parties.

Audio system with frontal  and diffusional loudspeakers for soft , but sharp listening.


Cork panels on side walls for art displays, advertising,
infos and shows.

Fitted carpet floor all over with a smooth woody
square area of 44 sq. mt  next to the control room.

Up to 90 seats , many with side table for writing